Grace T-shirt

Vivian Villarreal


Sergio designed this shirt years ago for Genivieve. She was planning a Mission service/work day for the high school students at Liberty Christian School. Her motivation for creating this service day was Grace. She had this amazing vision that all of the students would be involved in serving the community for a day. She wanted small groups to be sent throughout Anderson, serving in different projects and areas. Grace was her theme.

Her word.  

She wanted Grace to cover that day, not only to cover their hearts and their work, but also to cover their shirts. Sergio had his work cut out for him. There are so many sides to grace. How could there be one font that says it all about the grace that Jesus has given to us?? So he chose many fonts... the closer you look, the more grace you find... the further you stand away... the more you begin to see the "big picture" of grace.

That is the story of grace on a shirt!

I love how Paul describes grace in Romans 5. Grace is where we stand (Rom5:2). The moment I heard Jesus tell me, "You are mine"... was the moment I found myself standing in His grace. There is a profound rest that we have standing in His grace… and in that secure place, we have the freedom and peace that fills life with living water. Life begins... 
In the busy-ness of your life,
read Romans 5 today and
KNOW that you STAND in GRACE. 

Wear it!  

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