LAUNDRY 101: Performance Gear

Vivian Villarreal

Laundry 101 - Liberty Christian Custom DryFit Performance Gear

I am a self proclaimed FABRIC SOFTENER JUNKIE!!! yep… I confess… I add a whole cap of those little beads at the beginning of the wash and then add 5-6 sheets into the dryer. And if I could do it again somewhere in the middle of it all… I’d do it. I love fabric softener. I love the smell… the feel… everything about it. 

Then Steven Brooks came over and set me straight…


What?? He says that he washes his team jerseys with no fabric softener. I’m thinking that’s just a guy thing. Can a guy really admit to putting “fabric softener” in with his clothes anyway?? Since here at God’sTee we pressed some awesome custom DryFit shirts this week, I wanted to find out the proper way to wash them. Guess what… NO FABRIC SOFTENER! I found this great article over at that explains why fabric softener is the WORST thing to use on your athletic apparel. Here is some of their tips:

  • Do not add extra detergent to your wash.
  • Do not use fabric softener… ok… I get it Steve!
  • Wash the apparel inside out.
  • Wash with Cold water.
  • Dry them with the lowest possible setting for your fabric.
Take the time to read the whole article... click HERE.
So I did a couple of test runs on a sample I had pressed this week. Here is a picture of the shirt before I got started. 
LIONS custom sport DryFit
Close up LIONS Custom Sport DryFit shirt
Next, turned the shirt inside out and then washed with cold water.
LIONS Custom Sport DryFit turned inside out in washer

I then dried it on my “delicate” cycle and pulled it out right away. It looked perfectly brand new!!

After Washing - LIONS Custom Sport DryFit

Not only did we press some of these custom shirts on DryFits but we also pressed some shirts on a cotton/polyester blended (50/50) tee. On the 50/50 tees, the “LIONS” transfer may wrinkle a little after going through the dryer. Still dry the cotton/poly tee with the lowest possible setting… but then take it out and press it on the wrong side to remove most of the wrinkling on the “LION” transfer. 
If you have any questions, email me (Vivian) at

So let me say again one more time for Steven...


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